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Since 1965 


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Garners Ferry 803-783-3400

At Vacuums Etc. We have experience repairing all types of sewing machines. Whether your machine is simply not sewing properly, or you found your great grandmother's vintage machine in the attic,  we can service, adjust tension, time, and completely overhaul and restore a vintage machine. The normal repair turnaround on sewing machines is 1-3 weeks depending on the amount of service needed and whether or not we need to order parts. 

A sewing machine counts as one item with our pick up/delivery service 

Lake Murray/Irmo 803-732-7400

Sewing Machine Repair Rates:

Minor Service/Tension     $35 + Parts

Major Service/Tension     $55 + Parts

Full Service/Tension        $75 + Parts

Full Service/Timing         $90 + Parts

Gear Replacement/Extended work:  $125 + Parts

Any item left with us requires a $20 deposit upon our receipt.  If you choose NOT to repair your machine, the $20 becomes STORE CREDIT.  If you choose to repair your machine, $20 is deducted from the total repair charges when you pick your machine up. 

All machines left 60 days past their completion date will be destroyed, stored, or sold for charges.  You must make other arrangements if you feel that your machine will be with us longer than 60 days. 

You must have your manilla claim check when you return to take claim on a machine.  It is our sole discretion whether or not we return a machine without the manilla claim check