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Handle Tube- Aluminum with Deluxe Touch Grip
Headlight- Yes
On/off Switch- On Handle
Power- 2 Speeds, 5.5 Amps
VIP Service- 2 Visits
Warranty- 5 Years

Belt-  Lifetime Serpentine with Hall Sensor Protection
Bottom Plate -  High Impact Polycarbonate
Brushroll -  Chrome Steel
Brushstrip-  2 Rows, Replaceable
Cord Length- 40 Feet

Wheels- Rubber
Weight- 9 Pounds
Color- Metallic Deep Red
Bare Floor Squeegee- Yes
Bag- Self-Sealing HEPA Media

The SupraLite Premium is a powerhouse of a vacuum suited to floor cleaning no matter what type of floor. It's light enough to transport up and down stairs, and best of all, it's easy to push. The Premium model has a 40-foot power cord to clean room after room without stopping, and a 24-inch long self-sealing HEPA media bag to trap dust and dirt. The Premium model is the only SupraLite equipped with a Hall sensor and a lifetime belt; there's no need to replace the belt when shoelaces jam the brushroll. It also features rubber wheels and non-marking bumper, a two-speed motor and a metal brushroll with replaceable brushstrips that can be customized for delicate floor types or rugs. The SupraLite also includes Red Carpet Service Plan checkups to keep your vacuum running at its best for years.


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