Our Impact on Your Community

When you shop with us, almost 50% of your money spent re-circulates back into the local economy.  

We recycle nearly 100% of our Traded-in or abandoned vacuum cleaners.  In-tact vacuums are repaired and then donated to various organizations providing used vacuum cleaners.  On machines that aren't repairable, the scrap metal is removed, plastic is crushed, and almost 100% is recycled, saving the vacuum cleaner from the landfill.  You can always bring your old vacuum in for a minimum of $10 towards a new vacuum cleaner.  

15% of those products are sourced regionally from SC, NC, GA, and TN.  

When you shop at Wal-Mart, Target, Big Lot, or any of the "big-box stores," 13.6% of every dollar spent recirculates back into your local economy.  Most of it travels to another state or region, with the largest percentage going overseas to China to pay for the product.  

We are also one of the few businesses that hires as young as age 15.  We provide opportunity for high-school aged kids to experience first hand how to use deductive reasoning to repair appliances, interact with customers in a retail setting, confidence through salesmanship, and provide them with an excellent foundation for pursuing higher education.  

80% of our product lines are American Made.  This means that you are supporting a business that supports American jobs and products.